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Adrienne Maples is an internationally award winning photographer with 15 years experience photographing families and public figures throughout the nation. She studied fine art photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design, launching her business after obtaining her B.F.A.

A pioneer in the wedding industry, Adrienne broke from the once traditional approach to photographing weddings: ‘F8 and be there’. She learned photography in the red light of a darkroom & all it’s mystique. She photographed her early weddings with a film camera, conceding only to a digital system in 2005 when the full frame sensor became available.   

Adrienne currently resides in Overland Park, the burbs of Kansas City. When she’s not behind a camera, you can find her enjoying impromptu dance parties with her daughter or teaching Pete-the-dog new tricks. In her spare time she does normal things like singing Bohemian Rhapsody or perfecting her evil laugh.

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Hi, I'm Adrienne
I'm doing my part to keep my clients safe. Earning their trust as I continue to put their families first.

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