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Starting Kindergarten; Survival Tips

It’s hard to believe my little daughter is heading into third grade next week. Just yesterday, it seems I was preparing to send her to kindergarten. Since it’s been a few years since we began this journey, I thought I’d share a few tips on how I prepared for her first year in school. Starting...

Family Photographer

The family photographer becomes part of the story. This time, I learned the exciting news from an excited grandmother Facebook!  I’ve known Ashley & Chris since they got engaged and I was there when they said ‘I do.’  And this made it all the more exciting to learn the couple had settled temporarily in Overland...

Editing my Grandmother’s Obituary

Last week my cousin called me. For the last year, she’s been writing an obituary for my grandmother who turned 90 in December 2018. She reached out to me, as the person she could rely on to help her with the process. There are several reasons for this and I wanted to share. I hope...

Artistic Newborn Portraits

How do we achieve Artistic Newborn Portraits? Newborn portraits, they look easy, right? The baby just sleeps. The photographer puts them in a basket, or props their tiny head on their hands and the magic just happens, right? Well that’s not exactly what we do here. Actually newborns can’t support their heads by themselves. So those...

Preparing for Newborn Portraits

Photographing newborns is a learned skill and it’s not as easy at it might look. Despite all of my years studying photography and working with people, I was lost the first time I worked with a newborn. Working with newborn babies to create artistic portraits is a learned skill and an art all its own!...

Raising Boys; From a Mom of Three

Raising children is a dirty, exhausting, whirlwind of trial and error. Each child requires something different and it is up to the parent to discover what works for their family. As a mom of little girl –whom is currently ALL girl–  I recognize the vast difference it takes raising boys. Since I am no expert on...

Conversations with my Grandparents

What’s in a photograph? A moment frozen in time? A feeling we don’t want to lose? A memory? That’s me, in the bottom corner of the photo below. Those are my grandparents reading to me when I was  about three years old.  I was too young to remember these moments, but Papaw appears to be...

Julie Burton went viral: Part Two

It started with a litter of kittens someone abandoned in downtown Kansas City. The artist in me, jumped without thinking… I had a concept for a photograph that involved a bunch of kittens. Listen to Part Two with Julie Burton If you haven’t checked out part one, you’ll want to go back HERE and do...

When Julie Burton went viral: Part One

Julie Burton is a mother and a writer who uses her sense of humor to relate to others about daily life. As a mother of two girls she’ll flat out tell you her job is raising strong, proud daughters. She always puts them first but that doesn’t mean she takes things too seriously!

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