Hi! I'm Adrienne Maples




Born and raised in South Georgia, I fell in LOVE the moment I stepped foot in Kansas City. Although my Southern roots are strong, Kansas City has become home!


When I'm not behind the camera, I enjoy normal things like singing in the shower, perfecting my evil laugh, & impromptu dance parties in the living room with with my daughter while we sing Bohemian Rhapsody like the epic song it was written to be!!



I love preserving memories and telling stories in beautiful way.

I'm creative, passionate, fun-loving and I hope to inspire you!!



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daughter and mom laughing together
"Because there will come a day when she no longer reaches for my hand as she crosses the street..."
my daughter's insatiable laughter
snuggles with Pete-the-dog
vine ripe tomato's in summer
growing things in the dirt
collecting unique, lovely chairs...

tripping my shutter at just the right moment.. forever capturing a perfect moment in time-
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