For the last fifteen years, we’ve provided other small businesses, artists, doctors groups, politicians, law firms & many others with professional photography services to showcase their businesses. With every corporate or editorial project, Adrienne offers one-on-one Skype or phone consultations to discuss project ideas & determine if we are the right fit to help your company achieve a particular look. With every project, Adrienne considers all options & potential opportunities that will help establish your personal image or company brand.
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Mastering On-Camera Interviews

The first job interview I had after college was with an up and coming advertising company in Atlanta. I wasn’t qualified for the job but my cover letter got their attention and I was asked for an in-person interview. I spent a week getting ready, rehearsing my lines and practicing in front of the mirror....

COVID Policies

We understand our planned activities are potentially dangerous and involve the risk of serious illness, injury and/or death. We acknowledge  the Covid-19 virus and its ability to be transferred from person to person contact. We are also aware that any person may carry the virus and be asymptomatic. We understand that Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios (hereinafter...

Believe in Yourself. Always.

‘You’ll never be any good at photography’ It was my soft more year & I was taking the very first photography class of my collegiate career. By now, I’d already dedicated two years toward obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The Savannah College of Art & Design required students to finish all core classes before taking...

Parenting in a Digital Age

Parenting in a Digital Age All at once, my little girl is seven. Just like that… she is nearing the end of her childhood and I feel as though I’ve missed everything. Now classmates are showing up with cell phones? WHAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Silly me, caught off guard, I thought I had more time? Recently I attended...

Photography Lighting On-Location

Photography Lighting, When Natural Light Won’t Do The day we planned to shoot the December issue of Simply KC Magazine, I awoke to dark November skies. No sun was evident behind the thick cover of clouds. But in photography lighting is the key between great and mediocre. On a dark November day I chose to...

Adrienne in Action

Here I am, behind the scenes reflecting on the last 12 years.  It’s been an amazing honor to work with all of you over the last decade.  I love all of your children & take pride in capturing a lifetime of memories for each of you. I am excited to see what we capture over the...

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