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Mother’s Day FREE Printables

My love language is acts of service… Words of affirmation are important to me as well but there is nothing better than a little extra help when I’m not expecting it. But my daughter is nine and ‘cleaning up after herself’ is a hard won battle. But you wanna know something?! Lately my daughter is...

Your Family Photographer

How the family photographer becomes part of the story. This time, I learned the exciting news from an excited grandmother Facebook!  I’ve known Ashley & Chris since they got engaged and I was there when they said ‘I do.’  And this made it all the more exciting to learn the couple had settled temporarily in...

Artistic Newborn Portraits

How do we achieve Artistic Newborn Portraits? Newborn portraits, they look easy, right? The baby just sleeps. The photographer puts them in a basket, or props their tiny head on their hands and the magic just happens, right? Well that’s not exactly what we do here. Actually newborns can’t support their heads by themselves. So those...

Raising Boys; From a Mom of Three

Raising children is a dirty, exhausting, whirlwind of trial and error. Each child requires something different and it is up to the parent to discover what works for their family. As a mom of little girl –whom is currently ALL girl–  I recognize the vast difference it takes raising boys. Since I am no expert on...

Nervous about your Photo Session?

Hooray!! Our family shoot with the fabulous Adrienne Maples is booked!! Now what…….. If you are anything like me, there is a level of uncertainty, maybe even a little anxiety leading up to your session. Adrienne is my boss and my friend, yet I still put a lot of pressure on myself that we won’t...

Birth Photography Overland Park Kansas

The Birth of Arden; Birth Photography I CANT DO THIS!‘ she exclaimed through pursed lips. Ashley clenched her hands around the bed rails as she writhed with each contraction, now only moments apart.  Her husband & partner since high school chemistry, Chris, stood in solidarity softly rubbing her back. ‘Yes! She is complete this time.’...

Birth Story; Beginnings told through Photographs

What is a birth story? The response is often the same when I mention that I love capturing births: ‘why would anyone want to see THAT?!’. I laugh because everyone initially envisions that I am South of the curtain.  But just like anything I do, I am there to tell a story, capturing moments we...

Get Inspired! Recreating Family Portraits Annually

Life Gets in the Way Those gummy giggles eventually fade into toothy toddlers.  There will be a day when you pick your child up for the very last time… and it will surprise you. I’ve photographed families grow and change for the last 15 years! I have a bond with the children I see annually....

Maternity Photos; A gift for yourself

There I stood, in front of my own camera, pregnant & attempting a self-portrait. My round, pregnant belly exposed ready to be captured, artistically somehow… I wanted to create something myself that I would one day give to my daughter.  Maternity photos of myself for my child that I did not yet know. With my...

Where are they now? Brooke & Jason

Brooke & Jason just welcomed baby girl number two… and yet it seems like yesterday we were dancing on their wedding day. We hit it off instantly, Brooke & I. After many conversations, I learned that she is a scientist who does fancy science things, but at the root she & I are very similar. We...

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