Mean Girls; Raising Compassionate Daughters

Raising a Compassionate Daughter in today’s world of Cyber-space is quite the challenge.

At bath time I notice my daughter studying her seven year old figure in the mirror. She turns herself from side-to-side attempting to straighten her posture & suck in her belly.

The BEST WORST week of my life; the week gramma died

Today was her birthday. December the 7th, on her last birthday she turned 90. I couldn’t return home last year and it was her last birthday… For the first time since her death, she came alive in my dreams last night. She was the size of a child and we each took turns holding her...

Starting Kindergarten; Survival Tips

It’s hard to believe my little daughter is heading into third grade next week. Just yesterday, it seems I was preparing to send her to kindergarten. Since it’s been a few years since we began this journey, I thought I’d share a few tips on how I prepared for her first year in school. Starting...

Accepting Social Media and finding the Positive

Accepting Social Media; How can you BE part of a positive change? #bethechangeinsocialmedia The connectivity that comes with Social Media A decade ago, I heard about this innovative photographer, Jasmine Star stopping through Kansas City on tour and I made a point to see her speak. She talked about authenticity and selling yourself to your clients...

Raising Boys; From a Mom of Three

Raising children is a dirty, exhausting, whirlwind of trial and error. Each child requires something different and it is up to the parent to discover what works for their family. As a mom of little girl –whom is currently ALL girl–  I recognize the vast difference it takes raising boys. Since I am no expert on...

Parenting in a Digital Age

Parenting in a Digital Age All at once, my little girl is seven. Just like that… she is nearing the end of her childhood and I feel as though I’ve missed everything. Now classmates are showing up with cell phones? WHAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Silly me, caught off guard, I thought I had more time? Recently I attended...

How to tell a Child about the Death of a Pet

The death of a Pet (originally posted October 28th 20016) The clock said 8:01. I insisted Emmaline hurry as we rushed through the front door. Out went the cat as I turned the key into the lock. I told myself there wasn’t enough time to catch the fur ball and still manage to arrive at school...

Adventures in Delousing

A New Year’s Adventure in DeLousing The girl cutting my daughter’s hair called me over. She parted her hair to show me the bugs crawling on her scalp. Repulsed, I instinctively picked two of the buggers, squishing them between my fingers. ‘Uhm, you can’t start treatment now..’  The girl cast her eyes towards the lobby full...

What the Dog Taught Me

In the beginning, I wondered who would be potty trained first.  As if that was actually a real question? Of course the dog would train first.  Dogs are easy. Children & Husbands are the ones who need a shock collar. Kidding! I’ve never actually considered using a shock collar… it’s just a funny notion to...

She is Entering the ‘Terrible Three’s’

Emmaline skips around the living room. She is singing to herself, something random & made-up, probably to the turn of ‘Twinkle-twinkle little star’…    I could simply watch her for hours.  I smile at her gestures, completely honest… uninhibited, simple & innocent.  She is perfectly innocent & I can think of nothing but what I...

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