She is Entering the ‘Terrible Three’s’

posted by adrienne

Emmaline skips around the living room.

She is singing to herself, something random & made-up, probably to the turn of ‘Twinkle-twinkle little star’…    I could simply watch her for hours.  I smile at her gestures, completely honest… uninhibited, simple & innocent.  She is perfectly innocent & I can think of nothing but what I can do to protect her.  How can I teach her to survive this world?

This month Emmaline turned three… she is three, three, three.  I’m not entirely sure how its come so quickly?



I was warned about how terrible ‘the twos’ can be.., on the contrary, I’ve found her second year to be very enjoyable, full of funny sayings & beautiful laughter. She’s growing into her own little person.  Her insightful remarks often catch me off guard.  I didn’t expect her to connect concepts when she just recently learned to string together sentences.

I have also learned that being a mom doesn’t really happen overnight.  We are handed a newborn baby & we spend the rest of our lives developing our roles as parents.  This role evolves over time as we watch our children grow & they begin to test the limits of our control over them.  It’s an exhausting battle… much discipline wasn’t required for our two year old.  She has naturally been a very obedient child; but upon entering her third year I can see that the rules are, once again, changing & challenging me…


Slowly, I am learning what it really means to be a mother.

Funny how someone so small has changed me so much.  I think children make us all become better people.  We look to them to show us the magic we have long forgotten, reminding us that the world isn’t completely void of brightness.

Thank you Emmaline for coming into our lives during some of the darkest days & returning becoming my light. You make me enjoy everyday more.  I love you little bug, especially your sloppy wet kisses.






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