What if 18 years fly by faster than you thought? Then all you have left are those snapshots that never left your cell phone?

Weeks quickly turn into months and before we know it- another year passes us by. It’s hard to recollect the days once full of toothless grins and belly laughs.

Imagine preserving those fleeting moments... not just what they looked like but how they felt?


Imagine holding these memories in your hands 18 years from now...

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what does professional photography cost?


Great portraits require guidance from your photographer! Every *SESSION includes Adrienne's keen eye for detail, positive attitude and playful approach to capturing portraits. You're going to love having your photograph taken!


Between 50-200 images captured (*depending on time frame).

You choose your final *2-10 for custom developing.


Get all proof files by becoming a preferred client!

The Quickie



Do you need a quick professional photo for updating your website? Or want professional photos of your family that don't look like they were taken on your iPhone?


The 'Quickie' takes approximately *30 minutes!

Includes 2 files & printing rights.


*Weekdays Only


The Standard



Need a little more flexibility with your photography session? Our standard session takes place in Overland Park in one of our favorites parks near 75th Street & I-35.


Standard Sessions take approximately *45-60 minutes.

Includes 3 files & printing rights.



+$100 for weekend pending availability


Custom Classic $550


Weekend sessions start here-


Sit back and relax as Adrienne does it all, from helping coordinate outfits to creating the perfect scene for capturing memories.


Our custom classic portrait is the most popular option if you are looking for the creative fine art portraits Adrienne is known for creating!


These sessions yield anywhere from 100-300 images which will tell the story of your life, TODAY.


Includes 10 files, professionally edited & ready for printing.


*Additional files are available for purchase.

(See; digital options)


Ready to tell your story?Let's do this!

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Why Choose Adrienne?

Relax, I'm a Professional

Trust- this is the most important factor when hiring your photographer. We are not all created equal, and I'm not the perfect photographer for everyone. But if you are looking for someone to artistically capture you're life, you're in good hands.

Planning for your shoot


If this is your first time working with me, I'll provide you with pointers on planning for the perfect session! From what to wear to the perfect time of day, together we'll review the details of what you'd like captured and plan accordingly.


What do I wear?

No worries! I have suggestions for this as well. My best advice it to wear what makes YOU feel comfortable. If you have trouble deciding, I'm only a phone call or text away! Some clients even text me photos of the outfits they are considering and I guide them to make the perfect selection.

Personal STYLIST


Don't know what to wear? I'll help you coordinate and send out tips prior to your session. I'm going to tell you if your bra strap is showing OR if you have spinach in your teeth! While I enjoy impromptu moments, I still want you to look and feel your best.

What do I get?


When it comes to photography, we tend to think 'more' is better. But having more frames to look through doesn't equate to higher quality!


I was taught to wait for the right moment, rather than overshooting. Shooting digitally is beneficial because I CAN shoot without the worries of running out of film. But I still believe in capturing the perfect moment.

Like part of the family


Hands down, the best part of my job is watching my client families grow and change throughout the years. I'll cheer with you as you celebrate your child's achievements and shed more than a few tears when they leave for college.

Ps: These are my feet-

... and this is her expression.

Your proof images will be available for viewing 5-7 days after your session.

After 30 days, all un-ordered images will be purged unless you are a preferred client!
When will my proofs be online for viewing?
The true treasure of your
portrait session is the creation of stunning, custom art works for your home & life
submit your request nowAfter you submit your file request, we color correct each image, adjust for density and optimize for printing up to 8x10. Within 5-7 business days, your images will be available for direct download via Dropbox.When will I receive my digital files ?

What's the Difference?

Digital Proofs vs. Custom Edited Files



Color-corrected, minimal adjustments, small images ready for printing up to 4x6 or 5x7.


Custom Edits:

Cropped to specifications, corrected with Adrienne's signature approach to color, adjusted for optimal printing anywhere.

Digital Files

*Additional files are available for purchase al-a-cart.

$25individual proof images
for small printing only
$100custom edited files
$550purchase your full set of proofs

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