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Imagine a Rembrandt painting of someone you love?


When perusing the halls of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, you'll find me admiring the paintings of the 17th century Dutch painters.


While I don't personally know any of the individuals portrayed, these portraits captivate me.


I knew I wanted to create striking portraits the moment I was introduced to the rich, enduring paintings of the Dutch Golden Age (think Vermeer, Jan Steen, Rembrandt). My earliest photographs were portraits of high school friends... the ones brave enough to let me experiment. I draped them in fabric, poorly lit by candlelight... and I was using film!


Why Master portraits are different?


Each Master Portrait is one-of-a-kind. Every portrait is individually considered, styled, photographed and finally painted by hand.


The finished image is printed on fine canvas and brush strokes are applied to the surface transforming your photograph into the unique look and feel of an oil painting.


Something worth passing down through the generations.

My First Master Portrait


When she turned 5, my daughter began to look less like my baby. As an artist and mother, I wanted to memorialize her the best way I knew how... with my camera.

I thoughtfully crafted and photographed my daughter & our cat (Simon 2017-2018) knowing I would use Photoshop to transform the images it into something masterful and timeless.


Something in-between a photograph & a painting... something resembling a Classical Rembrandt painting.

Are these Photographs or Paintings?

Finished works are BOTH! But the process begins with light & a camera.


1) We create the photographic image- carefully lit, styled, draped, styled and painted with light IN-THE-camera.


2) From 10-25 frames, ONE is selected for 'perfecting' digitally. In Photoshop, using a tablet & a brush, your portrait is painted by HAND smoothed, painted and made absolutely perfect!

3) Once reaching perfection, the image is printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame.


4) Finally brush strokes are applied directly to the surface to finish and seal the canvas.

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what's the cost >>

>> Commissions start at *$1550


What do Commissions include?


+ Consultation to discuss the look we'll achieve. (Via phone, we'll discuss wardrobe requirements.)


+ Photography session & wardrobe, select 1 image from 25 images. (60 minute session)


+ The chosen image is painted to perfection. (2-4 weeks)


+ Your finished *8x12 canvas is finished and framed. The surface is sealed with a layer of painted brush strokes.(7-14 weeks)


(What BIGGER? No Problem --> See larger options)


To achieve the highest quality possible, works are framed locally. The finished painting is housed within a 24k gold floater, then capped in our signature brown or silver frame.

Weekends book quickly but cancellations do occur! Contact us to check availability.

Adrienne limits her commissions to provide quality, consistency & integrity throughout all of her work.
Limited dates available

Sizing & Framing


Canvas prints are wrapped and stretched over a wooden stretcher frame before finishing brush stokes are applied. Then your canvas is mounted in a real gold or silver floater frame before being capped.


Size Options


WE understand one size doesn't fit all! We provide three sizes so you can showcase your portrait in the perfect place from your desk to over the mantle.


8x12 Gift sized :: $750

16x24 Wall {Med} :: $1150

24x36 Wall {LG}:: $1550


Masterworks come standard in 24k gold (*see below). Floater frame available in 24k gold gilding, pure silver or black.

Q+ A



Are these paintings or photographs?




The rough draft is created in-camera using lighting techniques to create painterly & dramatic lighting reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch painters.


Expressive gestures & clothing play another important part in creating this specific look.

What is the ideal age for my Child's Master Portrait?


There are several moments in life when a Master Portrait is ideal.


Truthfully it can be done at any age but the most significant taken to commemorate a stage of life.


Childhood: 5-8 years

Pre-Teen: 10-12

Teen: 16-18

Young Adult: 22+

What do I wear to the session?


We'll discuss the 'look' for your Master Portrait at the time of booking. However I have a collection of wardrobe and other items specific to these portraits.


(see my list to get ideas)


You'll want to wear a tank top and athletic shorts, something easy to cover up.


How many images do I receive?


These sessions yield 15-30 images from which we'll choose the perfect image for painting.


The goal from this session is to achieve ONE portrait. One image to encapsulate the beauty of this moment in life.


How long will my session last?


Your session will only take 15-20 minutes (time to relax & create the perfect lighting).


However wardrobe typically takes another 30 minutes to assemble.

What included in my commission fee?


Your commission fee is due at the time of booking.


Similar to when painters are commissioned to paint a portrait, this covers time & talent to shoot

Fine Art Master Portraits

My daughter at 5; My grandmother at 88.

I’ve always been inspired by the rich, enduring paintings of the Renaissance. The beautiful light and romanticism of this period has long influenced the portraits I wish to create.

Rembrandt,  Jan Steen, and Vermeer- these were the artists whom first inspired me. The camera was my first love but I wanted a way to create images that felt more like paintings…. I experimented with traditional hand painting techniques but I never achieved anything I would ever share with others!

When my daughter turned five I knew I wanted to create something special and magical for her. At the same time my grandmother was nearing her 90’s and I also wanted to memorialize her in a significant way.

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