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Great Wedding Gift Ideas

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Best Guy Gifts. Seriously!

The holidays are just around the corner and those close to me are asking my advice on gifts.  I’ve got a-zillion ideas for the ladies but when it comes to the men in their lives?!

Zilch. Zero. Whaaaa??

The truth is I love helping find the perfect solution to celebrate friends! And while beautiful photography would be my first suggestion 🙂 we need other ideas now and then!

For years, my brides have relied on my advice when shopping for their groomsmen. It’s important to think about individuality, without spending too much energy collecting gifts for everyone.

Here in Kansas City, I direct them to work with a company that puts together personalized Kansas City gifts! It’s a great way to support the community AND give an unforgettable gift.

This summer I received a call from a small business working out of Connecticut: Groovy Guy Gifts.

After working within the wedding industry for many years, they noticed how few gifts were available for the guys. Viola! Simple business model- great gifts for guys + personalize it with their name. Affordable, easy and thoughtful.

BAM! Why didn’t I think of that??

Support other Small Business.

This is truly the BEST part!

I’m an advocate of shopping local and supporting other small businesses; however, I’m often directing my out of town friends to buy something online via Amazon.

Personalization is their specialty!!!

‘we truly believe by engraving a name on the gift, it becomes more meaningful.’

The best gift ideas for ANY kind of guy! Whether you are shopping for grandpa, your nephew or the man in your life- this is the PERFECT solution.

Check out this amazing list of gifts for ANY type of fella.

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superhero customized flask

mug worlds best lawyer

The gift that keeps giving

Ultimately, photographs are the most personalized gifts that you can give!

You’ll never forget the experience of celebrating your most cherished moments through professional photographs.

But for a quick fix, these Groovy Guys have you covered!

xoxo adrienne signing off


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