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With our screens in hand, we are inundated with hundreds of images on a daily basis. Just think for a moment… how many of those images actually stand out in your mind? Which ones do you scroll right past?

GREAT headshots will make you stand out. Make sure you stand out because your photo is awesome not awful.

When you shop for products online, which images grab your attention?? Bet you immediately think of images that took your breath away or adversely, the ones that were terrible.

There are a few things that make amatuer photographs stick out like a sore thumb and I’m going to share a few secrets to help your headshots get noticed!

In today’s fast paced, image-is-everything world, it’s important conveying professionalism at first glance. This usually happens with a photograph and in 2019 it’s inevitably your profile pic.

If you are someone who’s building a business or personal brand, you’re gonna need a headshot that represents you well.

The best headshots are crisp and clean, high quality images. Image colors are neutral with crisp blacks and clean whites. Without a trained eye and proper software, it’s impossible to accurately color correct images taken using ‘dirty light’. (*dirty refers to the temperature and the color cast of the light.)

Why your iPhone photo isn’t good enough.

Low resolution images iphone images are a sure way to get you noticed… but NOT in a good way!

I’ve seen some amazing images captured using an iphone. But I can’t ever recall a noteworthy portrait taken with a camera phone. This is because I prefer portraits taken using a long lens (my telephoto lens for the techy reading this!).

It’s my preference because of the distance between the film plane and the glass. It is also more flattering for portrait photography and the digital zoom on a phone does not compare.


Headshots with Style (& great lighting!)

If you’re in business for yourself, it’s important to maintain the same image throughout all of your social media platforms. Consistency will help consumers recognize you when they see on different platforms and familiarity is a good thing!

A few tips to get you thinking:

  • Select clothings that compliments your body & coloring.
  • Haircuts at least a week prior to your session.
  • Women think about your neckline.
  • Men should be freshly shaven or beard trimmed.

Great Lighting is Key for killer headshots.

As with any great image, lighting makes the difference between ‘ok’ and ‘GREAT’. While great images don’t require multiple light sources, I prefer to use several lights when creating a portrait. The more space I have, the better. This allows me to separate my subject from the background and light them independently.

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Gentle Direction so you know you’ll look your best!

Ok, we all know we need a little direction when it comes to being in front of the camera and a little guidance goes a long way! For more than 16 years, I’ve coached individuals to help them look their best in front of my camera.

It’s more than choosing the right lens and creating killer lighting. Everyone needs a little guidance when sitting opposite of the camera. I guide my subjects so they are bathed in light and I ask for a variety of expressions so you’re sure to have an image that represents you the BEST!

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