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Hi, I'm Adrienne

I'm a professional photographer based in Overland Park, a suburb just outside of Kansas City. I was born & raised in South Georgia and formally trained at the Savannah College of Art & Design.


I've spent the last two decades refining my style and providing clients from coast to coast with an unparalleled photography experience.

'One day a client called me 'visionary' ...

Until that moment, I'd never seen myself that way.'

When I'm not behind the camera or teaching others photography, I enjoy normal things like singing in the shower, perfecting my evil laugh & impromptu dance parties with my daughter in the living room.

Introducing Miss Olivia

Not only does the Spring bring with it gorgeous weddings but it also brings with it wonderful NEW LIFE!  I cherish each & every family I am allowed to capture throughout the years.  I know you read this with every blog that I post.. but it’s the truth!  I get to live through the best happy family moments with every family.  Not only do I cherish the time I spend & the images I capture but I also cherish the friendships I create.  Who knew I’d have this many kids that love spending the afternoon with me?!  I get excited when I learn about a new pregnancy & I am eager to hear when the new arrival has made his or her debut.

Thus was the case with Kalyn, not only a client & friend but also a business associate.  (She creates & designs all sorts of wonderful things with her company Lilah Paper).  I actually learned the good news after finishing a wedding with Kalyn last year.  We were driving home & she confessed the reason why she’d been nauseous & not quite herself all day.  Of course, I was thrilled.. mostly because she & Adam make beautiful babies 🙂

Here are a few fun photos from a morning I spent playing with her fabulous family.  {Book your own PlayShoot here!}


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Hi, I'm Adrienne
I'm doing my part to keep my clients safe. Earning their trust as I continue to put their families first.
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