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Hi, I'm Adrienne

I'm a professional photographer based in Overland Park, a suburb just outside of Kansas City. I was born & raised in South Georgia and formally trained at the Savannah College of Art & Design.


I've spent the last two decades refining my style and providing clients from coast to coast with an unparalleled photography experience.

'One day a client called me 'visionary' ...

Until that moment, I'd never seen myself that way.'

When I'm not behind the camera or teaching others photography, I enjoy normal things like singing in the shower, perfecting my evil laugh & impromptu dance parties with my daughter in the living room.

It’s almost time…

Adrienne Maples

Everywhere I go I see babies & pregnant ladies… they are everywhere!!!  Has it always been this way? Or I am just noticing this more as I anticipate the birth of my own child.  It still seems light years away but March is quite literally around the corner.  Yikes!  What have I gotten myself into? Clearly people do this every day, so why am I so nervous?

It’s my job to capture families & provide them with a glimpse of the priceless moments that happen from day to day.  I cherish my job & I cherish the beautiful families I work with.  I am comfortable with newborns & little kids adore me!  You wouldn’t think I’d have much to be nervous about since I am surrounded by children most every day.  However in a very short time, I’ll come home with a newborn…  my very own & one I can’t give back at the end of a shoot!  It’s hard to imagine exactly what it will be like before it happens… and now I finally understand exactly how my clients are feeling when they tell me their concerns just before they welcome  a child into the world.  And I completely understand the desire to ditch the pregnant belly & easily bend to slip on my socks & shoes once again!


I’ve always been sympathetic to my clients, especially all of my ladies.  We just want to feel beautiful & comfortable in our photos.  And while I’ve always thought pregnant women are beautiful- it’s a little different being one!!   Now I truly understand how hard it can be to take photos when your body is COMPLETELY different than it once was.  I still think pregnant women are beautiful & precious but I won’t pretend that I’ve enjoyed watching my body change shape.  It’s difficult & exhausting!


Since you all allow me to photograph your lives, I thought it was only fair to put myself out there.  I took some self portraits of my growing belly last month.  And just a couple of weeks ago I forced Scott to take a few photos with me- I just used the line ‘it’s for our daughter’ & that did the trick.  I imagine this won’t be the last time I use that line 🙂  A big thanks to fellow photographer & friend Kelley Walker Chance  for capturing this special time in our lives.


And for those wondering about Scott’s health & current prognosis, we still take each day at a time.  Some days are better than others but I think we are past our worst days (here’s to hoping!!)  We will start another round of treatment later this year to combat the Babesia (another tick-borne infection similar to malaria).  First things first: Baby Time!  



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Hi, I'm Adrienne
I'm doing my part to keep my clients safe. Earning their trust as I continue to put their families first.
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