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Who Wants Photographs just AFTER giving birth?

father and daughter meeting newborn twins

Important Moments deserve more than mediocre photographs

The day after giving birth doesn’t sound like prime time to have professional photographs taken, does it? Typically someone in the family is mindlessly documenting the occasion from behind their phone and posting them online without your approval, before you’ve had a chance to announce your news!

big siblings meet new born baby sisters

I am speaking from experience. After the birth of my child, I asked my own mother to remove the unflattering photos she’d posted to online.

We photograph EVERYTHING about our daily lives forgetting to the savor the joy in the moments. From behind our screens we fire away, technology separating us from the events unfolding in our midst.

These days camera phones tell the story of our lives. Notoriously bad lighting and low resolution, pixelated images are snapped for instant online sharing. Occasionally we find a stellar frame among the hundreds of mediocre ones.

big brother meets newborn sisters

Imagine someone you trusted was capturing these moments instead?

What if you had professional photographs taken when your children met one another? Showing you the beauty of those first moments rather than the imperfections??

newborn baby twins
newborn baby girl hold hands with big sister
newborn twins meeting big sister for the first time
big siblings meet new babies
brother investigating newborn baby sister

Instead of trying to capture everything yourself, imagine relaxing and being present focusing on what’s really important. Living in the moment, while someone else does the work.

big brother holding newborn baby sister
black and white photograph of newborn baby face

Hiring a professional photographer will solve these problems for you!

professional photograph of newborn baby girl
family welcomes newborn baby girls
mother hands newborn baby to little girl
newborn babies with big sister
father looks at his newborn baby

This is where I can help! After 16 years in business and hundreds of story’s told, I’ve learned the importance of capturing BIG moments within a family. Throughout the years I’ve sought out nuances, small gestures and discovered the unspoken beauty within a scene. In years to come, these ‘little’ moments bring back the joy and share the magic of your story.

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