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About the Artist

Adrienne Maples spent her childhood exploring light on film and studying photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design.


Today still relies on traditional methods creating timeless imagery. She brings her energy and Southern charm to every photography assignment.

our family... like a part of...- The Jenks Family | Clients since the beginning
"I can feel awkward in front of the camera, but she has such a special way to warm you up and make the 'real YOU' come out for photographs."

I can't express how great she is and trust me, once you meet her, you will have a new best friend!"
Katie Petty"I met Arienne and fell in love with her dynamic personality, knowledge and talent-
Prepare several clothing options, mix & match colors within a similar tonal range. If you are stumped, text options to Adrienne & she'll help you decide.

Get a hair cut at least a week prior and bring hair products & makeup.

Children perform best when they are allowed to play; try not to worry if they want to show off or put on their best 'pouty' face!
PrepareHow do I
Tips & TricksTip: Pick 3 colors
{2 main + 1 accent}

Remember: Neutrals are
timeless & look good on any wall!

Accessories are great
(but less says more!)

Mix textures & fabrics in similar tones.
Planning for your shoot

Preparing for Family Portraits

  • Relax, I will take a look around and find the best place for photos. Keep the house a little warmer than usual.
  • Set out outfits worth considering, blankets with nice textures.
  • Nurse the baby right before my arrival.
  • Clean your house or re-arrange for me! I will use a very small area to create a small set.
  • Worry about how you look! It's my job to incorporate you into photos creatively.

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Q+ A

frequently asked questions

What do I wear?


Don't worry! I'll send out a style guide full of tips, advice and inspirational ideas to help you plan. Additionally, I can help you narrow your ideas if you are overwhelmed with making a decision.


Most importantly, you'll want to choose colors and clothing that represents you and your lifestyle.



Who are my clients?


My clients are busy people who appreciate art, style and quality time as a family. They see professional photography as an opportunity to freeze time and trust me to make that happen.


Most of all they want more than just a perfect image for the holiday card... they want to collect these moments to share with the next generation.

Is your style posed or candid?


Kids often don't 'sit' on command! It's important to let them be themselves so I've developed a way of working that combines posed and candid photos,


I'll provide gentle guidance where needed, but I'll also step back and let your family play.

When will I receive my images?


Good news! Your proofs are available online for viewing within just 3-5 days!


Once you submit your digital file request, your retouched images are available for download in 3 weeks. With a total turn around of one month!

Do you provide digital files?


Yes! Every commission includes a set of digital files. With these you can print your heart out!


If you can't narrow them down, you can purchase the whole set or purchase individual files.

What if I have a sick kid?


Hey, it happens!


If we need to postpone due to rain or a sick kiddo, I allow enough flexibility in my schedule to make accommodations .


Although 24 hour notice is appreciated!


Hi, I'm Adrienne-

Let's Connect!

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