We are pioneers and trendsetters who bring the passion & skill for building an artistic vision.

Adrienne Maples is an artist, passionate about understanding her clients, telling their stories & inspiring others.

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A word from Adrienne:


"Don't let my small stature fool you...


I'll scale buildings and stop traffic if it means I'll get a better shot! "


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How do you transform mundane moments into extraordinary?

We are pioneers and trendsetters who bring the passion & skill for building an artistic vision.


Powerful images are created in layers bringing various elements together into one frame. We call this the layering affect which only happens when the following 4 elements are present elevating the standard 'photo taking' experience.



Holding a B.F.A in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design and more than 20 years in business, Adrienne Maples has seen it all.


Founded on the principles of fine art photography, our studio of hand-picked artists are trained to see light and tell stories.

Creative & Inventive

The act of photography is a sport which requires strategy, skill & flexibility.


And when Sh*t happens, we channel our inner McGuyver to adapt and overcome.


Want advice on what to wear or help choosing the best location? As part of our service, we'll help with all details.


Paying attention to the little details makes a huge difference in creating the perfect image.

Warm Hearted & Enthusiastic

We bring positive energy to help our clients overcome insecurities and feel at ease.


Our compassion & creativity cultivates an interactive experience, by which only together can we transcend life into art.


frequently asked questions

How do I Prepare?


We'll send over a style guide full of tips, advice and inspirational ideas to help you plan. Additionally, we'll help narrow ideas if you're overwhelmed with making a decision.


Most importantly, you'll want to choose colors, props and clothing that represents you, your business and your lifestyle.



Who are your clients?

Our clients are busy people who appreciate art, style and quality time with loved ones. They see professional photography as an opportunity to promote themselves in a powerful way and trust we'll make that happen.


Most of all they want more than a boring head shot... they want to illustrate their business with great imagery that sells itself.

How quickly will I receive my images?

Good news! Proofs ready for selection within 5 business days

Do you provide direction?

Being told to 'smile & say cheese' doesn't yield natural results. When working with professionals and other small businesses, I've developed a way of working that combines posed and candid photos.


I'll provide gentle guidance where needed, but I'll also step back and let you be yourself.

Useage Fees & Rights?

Useage fees apply when images are used to make a profit.


These fees are based on the size of the campaign & company. Full buy-outs are available.


Preparing Employee's for Headshots

We routinely provide headshots to companies updating employee headshots.


Ask for our style guide to send out to your employees.




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