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Tips & TricksTip: Pick 3 colors
{2 main + 1 accent}

Remember: Neutrals are
timeless & look good on any wall!

Accessories are great
(but less says more!)

Mix textures & fabrics in similar tones.
Planning for your shoot
Prepare several clothing options, mix & match colors within a similar tonal range. If you are stumped, text options to Adrienne & she'll help you decide.

Get a hair cut at least a week prior and bring hair products & makeup.

Children perform best when they are allowed to play; try not to worry if they want to show off or put on their best 'pouty' face!
PrepareHow do I
No WayWhen preparing for your session try to avoid wearing the following:What not to bringsunburns
A new haircut
loud patterns
5 o'clock shadow
wrinkled clothes
distracting jewelry

Preparing for Newborn Portraits

sisters with newborn baby
  • Relax, I'll a look around your home and determine the best place for photos.
  • Have outfits worth considering and blankets with nice textures.
  • Nurse & change the baby just before my arrival.
  • Clean your house or re-arrange for me! I will use a very small area to create a small set.
  • Worry about how you look! It's my job to incorporate you into photos creatively.

Preparing Children for Portraits

  • Bring water, snacks and perhaps a favorite toy.
  • Bribery is always OK for photos!
  • Explain how excited you are about meeting me and 'playing together for photos.'
  • DON'T hand kids a screen- this will only agitate them MORE when we take it away!
  • DON'T direct (unless they're danger!) let them throw fits and run the opposite direction! We'll play and make a game out of taking photos.

Preparing for Family Portraits

  • Bring snacks, water and ideas of things you enjoy together as a family (re: play sports, read, play a game.)
  • Tell your kid's how excited you are about getting a family photo together. Promise the husband he won't be needed much and you've set the stage for a good session.
  • AVOID handing children a screen to pacify them- this will only agitate them when you take it away!
  • Try not to direct your kids! We'll play and make a game out of taking photos. When does a child do what you want when you want it?!

What do I wear??

Start with a flattering color combination.

These photos will decorate your home, so choose colors that work together.


Preparing to be Photographed

Planning for a session with a professional photographer can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you have in your mind this idea of achieving the ‘perfect picture’. You know the one where everyone is perfectly polished, smiling and looking at the camera?

But that’s not MY idea of the perfect photograph! I love the natural moments, the ones that make you feel something.

How do you prepare for your photography session?

This thought can be overwhelming…  Here are a few tips I’d like to share about making the most of out your photo experience.  Afterwards, you’ll realize the ‘perfect picture’ was the one you least expected!

What about Props??

My style of photography is simple and sweet. Props are necessary; however personal items CAN make your session more memorable. I encourage putting together a few things significant to you and your family.

This can range from a favorite book, a sport you do together, a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.

Remember, this is about telling your story and capturing a moment in your life! What is important to your child today? Don’t worry about how this will be included, just bring it and leave the rest to me!

  1. Don’t overthink it. RELAX- this should be a fun memory making experience!  I will offer gentle guidance throughout friendly conversation.  We’ll joke, laugh.. the kids can show off their dance moves.  I pride myself on the experience: trust & comfort+ a little fun= AMAZING memories.
  2. Let kids be kids. Sure, kids misbehave, they will want to show off… it’s completely normal.  Let them! They are kids!  I am looking to tell their story, who are they TODAY?  Parents don’t need to worry about ‘perfect’ behavior.
  3. Wardrobe, keep it simple sweet. Color coordinate but avoid contrasting patterns & anything that might take away from the true emotion of a moment.  Grab a clothes basket, throw in your favorite accessories, a few options for clothing.
  4. Last but not least, Trust me!  You’ve hired me for a reason.  Together we can create beautiful images but you have to trust me!  Let me help guide you into the light but most importantly, try to relax, enjoy yourself & things will happen naturally.

A look behind the scenes

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