Neutrals are timeless
Denim is a winner ;)
Pick three colors, 2 main & 1 accent
Accessories are great (but less says more)
THINK: Mixing Texture & Fabrics

AVOID: busy patterns, loud colors, sleeveless
Tips & Tricks
Bring several clothing options: casual, business casual & something formal. We will help select the right look when you arrive.

Head shots are taken 3/4 length; shoes & pants won't matter. Get a hair cut at least a week prior and bring hair products & makeup.

try to relax, we've got this-
preparingfor your session
No way!When preparing for your session try to avoid wearing the following:

A new haircut
loud patterns
5 o'clock shadow
wrinkled clothes
distracting jewelry
big white leather sneakers

Preparing for your Photo Session

Planning for a session with a professional photographer can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you have in your mind this idea of a ‘perfect picture’. This thought can be overwhelming…  Here are a few tips I’d like to share about making the most of out your photo experience.  Afterwards, you realize the ‘perfect picture’ was the one you least expected!

1)   Don’t overthink it.

  • RELAX- this should be a fun memory making experience!  I will offer gentle guidance throughout friendly conversation.  We’ll joke, laugh.. the kids can show off their dance moves.  I pride myself on the experience: trust & comfort+ a little fun= AMAZING memories.

2)   Let kids be kids.

  • Sure, kids misbehave & they will want to show off for me, it’s completely normal.  Let them- they are kids!  But I am looking to tell their story, who are they TODAY?  Mom’s shouldn’t worry about perfect behavior.

3) Wardrobe, keep it simple sweet.

  • Color coordinate but avoid contrasting patterns & anything that might take away from the true emotion of a moment.  Grab a clothes basket, throw in your favorite accessories, a few options for clothing

ANYTHING special that might add meaning is most welcome!  I have created a Pinterest page to get you started.

4) Last but not least, Trust me!  

  • You’ve hired me for a reason.  Together we can create beautiful images but you have to trust me!  Let me help guide you into the light but most importantly, try to relax, enjoy yourself & things will happen naturally.


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The true treasure of your
portrait session is the creation of stunning, custom art works for your home & life
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