What if 18 years fly by faster than you thought? And all you have left are those snapshots that never left your cell phone?


Weeks quickly turn into months and before we know it- another year has passed us by. It’s hard to remember the days once full of toothless grins and belly laughs.

Imagine preserving those fleeting moments... not just what they looked like but how they felt?


Imagine holding these memories in your hands 18 years from now...

what to expect when hiring a prowhat's the difference?I believe in preserving moments
I believe in creating beautiful memories,
I want to show others, just how beautiful little moments can be.

Together we can create something wonderful and
Laugh together when things don't go exactly as
planned. I've got your back...

Actually I've got you covered from every angle and I'll tell you if you have spinach in your teeth!
- KC City VoterphotographerVoted best portrait
$3500The photo industry exploded over the last 10 years. With easy access to SLR cameras & template websites, amateur photographers have flooded the market with poor quality work.

So how do you know you are hiring a seasoned pro who can handle the job NO MATTER what happens?
what to expectwhat's the cost?starting at
Staci- 7th Row Productionsdynamic experience...
She's outstanding to work with and her
enthusiasm &top notch!professionalism arefun, uniqueHands down, Adrienne
provides a
Why Choose Adrienne?

Educated Professional

With a B.F.A in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design and more than 16 years experience behind the camera, you're in good hands. I've had the privilege of providing hundreds of families and businesses high quality photography and an experience worth remembering.

Everyone is Photogenic!


Yes, you are! All you need is a little direction and a skilled photographer. I provide gentle guidance to get you comfortable. Once you trust me- the rest is easy! All of the work on my site features REAL families who think THEY aren't photogenic. I'll share my tricks and tips for looking great for the camera.


Enthusiasum for days

Children don't sit still and neither do I; as a child I was called the energizer bunny and I bring this endless energy to all of my shoots. I'll play with your kids, talk in silly voices and get them to light up in front of my camera. When they have a meltdown, I'll wait patiently until they are up and running again!

Personal STYLIST


Don't know what to wear? I'll help you coordinate and send out tips prior to your session. I'm going to tell you if your bra strap is showing OR if you have spinach in your teeth! While I enjoy impromptu moments, I still want you to look and feel your best.

Problem Solver


After more than a decade working as a professional photographer, I've had a lot of experience problem solving on
my toes. Part of the planning process is anticipating problems before they arise. For instance, we plan around the best time of day for your kiddos and I'll work to gain their trust before we begin shooting.

Like part of the family


Hands down, the best part of my job is watching my client families grow and change throughout the years. I'll cheer with you as you celebrate your child's achievements and shed more than a few tears when they leave for college.

A look behind the scenes

Step 1 : Book your session

$550+ You choose 5 digital filesweekday session
$650+ You choose 5 digital filesweekend session

* 1-2 hour session at home or at your favorite local spot.


* 5 digital files + printing rights selected from your 100+ online proof images.


* Custom enhancement of your selected favorite images!

* A planning consultation to help you make the most of your session.


* An online gallery so you can order your images from the comfort of home.


* Travel within the metro area included, please inquire about travel fees if you require additional travel.

Step 2 :: Add Extras {optional}


If you love ALL of your images and your having a difficult time choosing your favorites, additional files are available for purchase.

$100individual filesindividual digital files
$500individual filespurchase the rest of your images

What's the difference??

Proofs vs. retouched images.


Proof images are RAW out of camera with minimal adjustments in post-production. Retouched images are color corrected, adjusted for density & contrast, then individually hand-brushed to smooth fine lines, dark circles and remove blemishes.

Proof Image, before retouching

Image after retouching

Your proof images will be available for viewing 5-7 days after your session.

After 30 days, all un-ordered images will be purged unless you are a preferred client!
When will my proofs be online for viewing?
The true treasure of your
portrait session is the creation of stunning, custom art works for your home & life
submit your request nowAfter you submit your file request, we color correct each image, adjust for density and optimize for printing up to 8x10. Within 5-7 business days, your images will be available for direct download via Dropbox.When will I receive my digital files ?
family photography testimonial
"Adrienne Maples continues to outdo herself every time we have a session. She's captured all stages of our journey - from our engagement to the birth of our daughter. I wouldn't entrust my family photographs to anyone but her. Her images are one of a kind!"Emily Milligan"I wouldn't entrust my family photographs to anyone but her. -
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