Michael Beers Wedding Entertainer Extraordinaire


As I walk into the country club, I hear a families voice echoing from the reception.

‘Check- check…’

It’s Michael Beers on the microphone and a great feeling washes over me- it’s going to be a great wedding reception!!

The first time I remember meeting Michael was out at Loch Lloyd Country Club. The wedding of Rachel & Hannes… I never forget a wedding when I’m teamed up with some of the best wedding professionals in KC!

Michael Beers is a long time favorite wedding entertainer in Kansas City along with his band, The Michael Beers Band. They have performed on every stage throughout the city as well as rocked countless parties for private events.


Q::      Mr. Michael Beers, for readers that are just hearing about The Michael Beers Band, can you describe & tell us more about your approach to rocking a party?

We are a full service wedding and event band, dedicated to making the music at our client’s events both seamless and organic. This is derived from an endless supply of energy and attention to detail on my part as the leader of the band. The understanding of how important every reception and event is for our individual client, our mantra that we only have one chance to get it right, and an experienced band of top-notch talent that knows the Michael Beers system inside and out.

 Q::   Oftentimes, when I refer a bride to you, you are ALREADY booked?!  It drives me crazy that I don’t get to work with you more often.   When do brides typically book with you? 

In times gone by, we could have been contacted late in the planning process. But over the past ten years, the youthfulness of the world has made the older people younger and the younger people older. The result has been the desire of our clients above almost all else to “throw a big party for their family and friends.” This has increased the importance of the music and what-in-the-world the guests are going to do for four or five hours.

The answer lately has been dance and have a whole lot of fun. I’m happy and proud to say, we now are often the first or second call. Exciting!

 Q::      Now, I know that you had already been playing great parties for many years before I moved to Kansas City.   And I’ve gotten to see your lovely face at some of my absolute favorite weddings over the last 12 years…  so how long have you been the class act band that you are?  

I am no spring chicken as they say, but the actual amount of years is “top secret.” Suffice to say, I started playing weddings in college, and minus a five-year hiatus when I was playing and recording my own music, I’ve been playing ever since. I’m serious when I say the amount of weddings and events played could be approaching a thousand or more.

That is some serious experience, and something a bride and groom are welcome to explore. I will take all the time you need to tell you what I’ve seen that works well and what I’ve seen that perhaps should be left for another day!

Q::     Do you have a favorite wedding that you are most proud of?

I honestly must say I’m proud of every one of them. It would be easy to describe some large amazing wedding that cost hundred’s of thousand’s of dollars as the one that was the best, but truthfully, the smallest of small can be equally if not more exhilarating. It’s not all about the bass, it’s about the people. You put a great fun group of loving people together, add our incredibly danceable non-stop music to the mix and baby, get the memory book out—you’ll have a doozy on your hands.

 Q::     What types of things inspire you?  Where do you get your fresh ideas?

Getting things to work inspires me. I love a good plan carried out to work the best possible. I love words and great sentences, but even more I like writing a good sentence. Learning a really hard song (Uptown Funk) is really satisfying. Running and cycling and lifting weights nearly every day; wondering about the universe and how unimaginable it is that we even exist. Traveling and my commitment to seeing the world; food and my constant search for the greatest Mexican food on the planet!

Lastly, but most importantly, people provide the inspiration and ideas. People are why we do what we do, why we laugh and cry and know the value of living.

Q::     Speaking of Mexican food.. what’s your favorite in Kansas City??

I love El Patron and El Taqueria on the Boulevard, and Los Tules across from the Kauffman. Try the giant inexpensive frozen house margarita at El Taqueria (bring a driver!) and the enchiladas with red sauce. Try the fajita steak taco at El Patron a la carte (get two, one at a time); and Los Tules, go to say hi to Savadore and the great vibe he has going (also bring a driver, margs are strong!). Hit happy hour and enjoy the tacos for $2. Love it!

Q::     What is typically your favorite moment at a wedding? 

I have two.
I love the toasts. It is rare when you won’t look at me at the soundboard and find me wiping tears from my eyes or laughing hysterically. The beautiful words people say about the people they most love endears me to the benevolence of existence, and I’m forever indebted to this experience for which I’ve been so fortunate to be a part.

The second most favorite moment is when the songs we’ve chosen to play and the order we are playing them fills the dance floor to capacity and, right before my eyes, the magic that only a wedding reception can engender—or sometimes a rare event—bounds to life. Some groomsmen breaks out and does the unexpected, the bridesmaid or sorority sisters gather together for their favorite song. I’m singing Piano Man and an impromptu circle gathers around the bride and groom to shower them with their appreciation and love, the bride and groom jump up on stage to sing, or a proud old grandmother comes out and dances with her grateful son. Ah, the wonderful moments I have witnessed….

Q::      I love asking this question, especially asking someone like yourself who has seen & been a big part of some of the best parties in Kansas City!!  What’s the best advice you can give brides who are in the early stages of planning their wedding?

Pick a location that gets you excited, choose really experienced vendors, trust them, plan like crazy early on when excitement is high and you have an excess of energy. Most importantly, know or learn the difference between prioritizing for yourself and your fiancé, and prioritizing for your guests. They are often times two different things. There is everything right about both priorities, but decide early on which one needs to be catered to the most and then stick with it.

Q::     That was some stellar advice.  Anything exciting in the works that we should know about!?!

Yes! I now have two bands. We turn down fifty weddings or more a year because we are already playing, and I’m excited that we no longer have to do that.

I have formed a band around two of my top players I’ve played with throughout my career, Rachel and Pat, and we have duplicated the Michael Beers Band down to the last detail. Both bands share the exact same song list, same top quality PA system and lighting, the same style of how the announcements are made, how the songs are played to sound like the original recordings, our guarantee to always be the right volume, dressing in black tie and tuxes for the men and a formal dress for our female vocalists, and in both bands the most talented and dependable musicians in Kansas City.

With Michael Beers Band II, I am very involved, handling all the details, communicating with the brides and grooms and working with Rachel and Pat to insure everything goes as planned. The Michael Beers Band II also is less expensive so that we can match the varying budgets and price points of today’s weddings and events. We are excited and ready for the future. Bring it on!!!

Here is how to contact Michael & book the band for your next event:

Website:  www.michaelbeersband.com;

Call:  816-753-9700

Email: michaelbeersband@gmail.com

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