TIP : Create your own pinterest board & share it with Adrienne! This will help guide the artistic direction of your art piece.start here1) Complete our request form to begin the booking process.

2) $250 --- Deposit required to begin planning your custom portrait & schedule a date on the calendar.

3) Read & Sign our studio policies.

Once you are officially booked, we will discuss wardrobe, locations & other details necessary.
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Celebrate your life moments with fine art photographer, Adrienne Maples.

Her warm personality and Southern charm are certain to get your kids laughing, your spouse smiling and everyone having a wonderful time.

For more than 15 years, she's provided her clients throughout the world with unique works of art and an experience worth remembering.
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TIP : Create your own Pinterest board & share it with Adrienne! This will help guide the artistic direction of your custom session.make a planWhen we set a date for your portrait we'll discuss if you require additional services such as hair/make-up, Animal wrangling or other requirements .what's next?

Studio Policies; Read Prior to Booking


We value your business and appreciate you taking a moment to review our standard studio polices. We believe honesty is the best policy, so if you have a question or concern please let us know. We value your time.

  1. Deposit is due to hold your booking and is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. Cancellations must occur at least 24 hours prior to appointment. Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to another session if a cancellation request is received in time. Multiple cancellations from one client will result in future appointments requiring full pre-payment or inability to schedule with the studio.
  3. If someone is sick, please provide 24-48 hrs notice. Emergencies occur; however, if you are a no show without notice, your session deposit is forfeit. You will re-owe the amount upon your rescheduled date. If there is no reschedule, your account will be closed and there will a $100 fee to reopen.
  4. For all packages, payment is due in full on session date. NO exceptions.
  5. When using AMPS photos DO NOT crop out watermark. It protects my art & keeps your images from being stolen by a third party.  (Social media rules allow for ANYONE to use photos found online.  The copyright is the only thing that protects from theft!)
  6. Handle prints and/or Thumb drives with utmost care. Damages to prints/drives that have left the studio are the responsibility of the client.
  7. Client is responsible for providing correct address & updating with the studio upon change. Replacements due to incorrect address will be the responsibility of the client. Delivery failure due to incorrect address resulting in an additional delivery will result in additional delivery charges.
  8. Once your book or print order has begun processing, it can NOT be canceled due to the custom nature of the product. All print orders are final and cannot be changed or refunded for any reason.
  9. Re-shooting a session will result in an additional session fee if a “re-shoot” is made necessary by any means other than the studio.
  10. Bounced checks or credit disputes will owe all balances as well as the return fees from all financial institutions.
  11. Overtime is charged at $100/hr in addition session fee and due on the day of the session.
  12. By placing an order or proceeding to schedule with AMPS, you agree to the above studio policies.

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