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I'm Adrienne Maples, pro-photographer, rockstar mom & breaker-of-toes (my own, not others!).

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Newborn Photography; Tricks of the Trade

Achieving Artistic Newborn Photography Newborn photographs, look easy, right? The baby just curls up and sleeps- The photographer props their tiny head on their hands and the magic just happens, right? Newborns actually can NOT support their heads by themselves. Their neck muscles develop over time so those images are manufactured in Photoshop. While PhotoShop can creates...

Last Wedding of 2013

Here are Joanna & Eric a classic American love story.  These two met as kids, played together, knew the family… attended different colleges, forgot about one another then one day, through the wonders of the internet, (& Facebook) they found one another again.  Eric spotted her profile picture & remembered the girl he once knew....

Hannah & Grant

The moment you meet Hannah, you fall in love with her infectious laughter. When Grant walks into the room her eyes twinkle & her smile beams from ear to ear. There is pure joy & unconditional love between these two, obvious to all who surround them. Their wedding day can be briefly stated in those...

After a Visit from Adrienne

Whenever Adrienne calls to tell me she is thinking of coming into town for a visit, I am always delirious with excitement.  We grew up closely together, thanks to our wonderful grandparents, and now that she’s moved away, a little piece of me is gone too.  When she comes home for a visit, I get...

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