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I'm Adrienne Maples, pro-photographer, rockstar mom & breaker-of-toes (my own, not others!).

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Preparing for your Newborn Photography

You ask? How do I prepare when I’ve never had a newborn photography session? ‘Oh no.. it’s happening!’ The new mom exclaims frantically as she uses her hand to shield mustard yellow poop from running onto my spotless, ivory couch.  It’s only spotless because it frequently gets cleaned by me & my good friend Oxy-Clean. ...

Special Newborn Offer {great gift idea!}

I am still so happy capturing newborns!! Even if I get covered in pee/poop/throw-up… it’s not a job for everyone, but I love it!!  In addition, I truly enjoy the extra bond it creates with my wonderful families.  I’m extending my newborn special so EVERY family can take advantage of these special moments.  **Remember to ask...

Welcome to the World

One of my favorite assignments these days is photographing newborns.  Sure it can be a messy job, but I am rewarded with the perfectly still, serenely beautiful portraits at the end of each session.  Little Ellie surely wins the award for cooperation.  She slept like a log 90% of the time we were shooting.  It...

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