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I'm Adrienne Maples, pro-photographer, rockstar mom & breaker-of-toes (my own, not others!).

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Valentine’s Day, A Short History

My grandparents were married on Valentines Day in 1947 before it was the ‘cool’ thing to do. They remained committed to one another until her death in 2019. It’s surprising to find that kind of commitment in today’s fast paced society. Valentines Day always reminds me of their commitment to one another and it’s also...

Mean Girls; Raising Compassionate Daughters

Raising a Compassionate Daughter in today’s world of Cyber-space is quite the challenge.

At bath time I notice my daughter studying her seven year old figure in the mirror. She turns herself from side-to-side attempting to straighten her posture & suck in her belly.

Adventures in Delousing

A New Year’s Adventure in DeLousing The girl cutting my daughter’s hair called me over. She parted her hair to show me the bugs crawling on her scalp. Repulsed, I instinctively picked two of the buggers, squishing them between my fingers. ‘Uhm, you can’t start treatment now..’  The girl cast her eyes towards the lobby full...

Tattoo the Brand

Lying back on the chair I held my right wrist tightly, attempting to relax as the tattoo artist traced the precise lines of silhouetted birds onto my pale, sensitive skin. As his needle buzzed, I allowed myself to come to terms with my new identity; single mom, divorcee, ex-wife. This was the first moment in a long...

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