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Hi, I'm Adrienne

I'm a professional photographer based in Overland Park, a suburb just outside of Kansas City. I was born & raised in South Georgia and formally trained at the Savannah College of Art & Design.


I've spent the last two decades refining my style and providing clients from coast to coast with an unparalleled photography experience.

'One day a client called me 'visionary' ...

Until that moment, I'd never seen myself that way.'

When I'm not behind the camera or teaching others photography, I enjoy normal things like singing in the shower, perfecting my evil laugh & impromptu dance parties with my daughter in the living room.

Welcome to the World

Adrienne Maples

One of my favorite assignments these days is photographing newborns.  Sure it can be a messy job, but I am rewarded with the perfectly still, serenely beautiful portraits at the end of each session.  Little Ellie surely wins the award for cooperation.  She slept like a log 90% of the time we were shooting.  It allowed me to be a little more creative & gave the chance to put Ellie in various set-ups.  But this first shot is one of my favorites- I even like her belly button scab.  It tells the viewer just how new she is to the world!


I noticed this gorgeous wooden table the couple has in their living room.  I liked that it was raw wood, unfinished but beautiful in it’s basic state.  I thought the contrast would be nice again the soft pink skin of a newborn.


Kalyn has taken to motherhood extremely well, she  is already a wonderful mother.  I’ve gotten to know Kalyn quite well over tha last few months as we’ve worked together on a project for Style Me Pretty (we will unveil mid-April!)  She owns the wonderfully creative paper & stationary company, Lilah Paper.  If you need paper goods for your event or simply beautiful new letterhead, she is the person to talk to!  new_mother_overland_park


Brand new papa bear 🙂  I love seeing a new father gently embrace his first child.dad_kissing_newborn

Again on the wooden table with a different texture- I think I prefer this one.  And this time I caught a brief smile!


I pulled back & threw on my telephoto lens for this family shot.  I wanted to capture something intimate without being too close.  This was achieved by ‘leading into the shot’ & encouraging my family to snuggle.



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Hi, I'm Adrienne
I'm doing my part to keep my clients safe. Earning their trust as I continue to put their families first.
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